Are you looking for Puscifer music that you might have missed? Or do you want to introduce new listeners to this awesome rock group? Well here’s a great list of songs that we recommend.

FIrst let’s talk about “Conditions of My Parole”. This song is crazy when you listen to the lyrics and watch the video. Maynard’s stream of consciousness thinking is on full display in this song with a wild feel that is hard to deny or ignore. But it’s also got some slick guitar riffs and percussion that makes the song feel fresh.

“Momma Sed” is a very cool song that uses a western sound to tell this badass story. The softer guitar is mesmerizing in a way that matches the wild dreamy visuals in the music video. While clearly a green screen, it all combines into a killer single that you won’t want to miss.

Finally, we have to give credit to “Green Valley”. Not only is this an incredible song, but it’s the best example of Maynard’s vocal command. His ability to match and command the mood in this song with the slower guitar and the almost wistful tone is incredible. Especially when the heavier sounds kick in like a freight train.