With Keenan’s style being based on his stream of consciousness, it should come as no surprise that Puscifer’s shows are very experimental. The band often plays with different instrumentation or musical styles to fit the mood and whims of Keenan’s vision. For instance, one show may have a very 80’s synth-pop vibe that is enhanced with neon lighting in the stage design. While another can have the pyro and lighting you’d expect from an alt rock concert. This makes every show and tour date a visual treat and delight.

Keenan’s style also favors playing with Puscifer, as fans will note that he seems to involve the audience more than he does while playing with other bands. He also has an incredible skill at bringing the audience into an enjoyable and fun mood while everyone trances out to his hypnotic sound. Concerts typically last 2-3 hours which gives plenty of chance to rock out all night!

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