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Puscifer is an American rock group formed in Los Angeles by Maynard James Keenan, who was a lead singer of the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle. Puscifer originally started as a band called Umlaut, which was envisioned as a improvisational hardcore band. But then the name was introduced as a fictional band in the first episode of Mr. Show including Keenan as a member. 

The band quickly became a passion project that could be described as a work of Keenan’s self-consciousness. In fact, Keenan describes the band as “simply a playground for the various voices in my head…a space with no clear or discernible goals…where my Id, Ego, and Anima all come together to exchange cookie recipes.” 

As time grew, Puscifer also became a clothing line as much as it was a band, with clothing items produced in limited numbers. For example, Keenan collabed on a leather jacket with Paul Frank. Also, on September 16, 2008 Keenan updated the puscifer.com blog to reveal that the first ever Puscifer store would be opening in Jerome Arizona. The store would occupy a small space above a tattoo parlor and made the band’s merchandise available there as well as on the online store. Keenan also made coffee art available as well as a changing list of limited edition collectibles.

The band’s musical style combines experimental rock, with the best parts of alternative rock, art rock, electronic rock, and the post-industrial music scene. And since 1995 they’ve been an influential part of the music scene.

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